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Re: [K12OSN] Very frustrating!

2009/1/31 Rob Owens <rowens ptd net>:
>> I tried the directions listed here and I am able to telnet to the usb
>> printer machine port 9100 successfully.  However it does not register
>> or print out any of the text I type or eject a page as is suggested in
>> the link.
> Then I'm out of suggestions besides this:  Try that printer on the server again.  Set it up and make sure it works.  Then verify that you've used the same exact settings (printer model, driver, etc) when you had it hooked up to the thin client.

I do not remember the modle but one of the HP printers in past needed
me to give a command line initialization string every time it was
started and that could only be done at the server. Is your printer
also similar?

Sudev Barar
Read http://blog.sudev.in for topics ranging from here to there.

PS: I know most of people do not follow email niceties (mostly they
are not aware) but if you follow bottom post/in-line post style of
email conversations it becomes a whole lot easier to carry on
meaningful dialogue and you can snip out what is not meaningful too.
Most people just hit reply button and top post leaving prior message
appended uselessly at bottom. See if you can adopt this style and
persuade others. In case you are already doing this ..... great,
spread the message.

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