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Re: [K12OSN] Very frustrating!

> "The firmware of the printer must be uploaded after turning it on. You
> can use a hotplug/udev script which comes with foo2zjs, or do it
> manually: "cat /usr/share/foo2zjs/firmware/sihp1000.dl >
> /dev/usb/lp0". "

Okay. Now we are getting some where...

If you do not have any USB port (USB2 only) on the client then you can
connect this only at a server or a windows machine. (which is what you
were trying to do). If you have a USB2 port then in the current LTSP
version (5+) you probably need to set up local application to give
this commend line. As giving it at shell on terminal will actually
send this to the server port itself. Or you can try something like:
cat /usr/share/foo2zjs/firmware/sihp1000.dl > IP:/dev/usb/lp

Note I have used probably and maybe as I have not tested this out ever.

On a win machine this is connected as a print share and drivers are
all loaded by the windows machine so should not have been a problem if
you use cups and define as smb (samba) printer.

Sudev Barar
Read http://blog.sudev.in for topics ranging from here to there.

PS: I know most of people do not follow email niceties (mostly they
are not aware) but if you follow bottom post/in-line post style of
email conversations it becomes a whole lot easier to carry on
meaningful dialogue and you can snip out what is not meaningful too.
Most people just hit reply button and top post leaving prior message
appended uselessly at bottom. See if you can adopt this style and
persuade others. In case you are already doing this ..... great,
spread the message.

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