[K12OSN] K12 on on imac ppc

Simon Fondrie-Teitler simonft at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 14:41:08 UTC 2009

Thanks, too bad about the emacs, we have a lot of them too. Oh well. I  will
try them again though. Good to know that the slot loading ones work. Thanks
for the advice on the hard drives. I might find myself with a large supply
of neodymium magnets. :)

Simon Fondrie-Teitler

On Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 8:10 AM, Barry Cisna <brcisna at eazylivin.net> wrote:

> Simon,
> Just another +1. We had 26 Imacs that were the 'shiney' colored models
> with the slot load cdroms. This is the easiest way I know to identify
> them. These worked fine. The tray load Imacs I never could get to work.
> I think the video I never could get to work on these? Same way with 24
> Emacs we had. Never could get video to work on these either. Those Emacs
> were so heavy you about needed a forklift to set them in place anyway.
> Yuck! This has been about 5 years ago,now so,maybe things work more
> transparently on Macs in general on k12ltsp. The Imacs did work fine
> once setup,with sound and all. We simply got rid of them due to the fact
> the new superintendent wanted "all pcs to look the same"? As William
> stated its worth your time to disconnect the HD's in the Imacs,as in a
> room full of them it sounds like you are pulling into the parking lot of
> LAX!!!
> Take Care,
> Barry Cisna
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