[K12OSN] The ltsp-client doesn't have a default gateway!

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Mon Jul 6 21:04:44 UTC 2009


Without getting over geeky on something like this,try doing a traceroute
from the TC to your border firewall/router,and see what IP numbers you
are seeing. Say your border firewall is ,
>From your booted up TC,do.
'traceroute '
see what you get for the route.
Are you using managed switches in between the K12linux server and your
border firewall by chance? Maybe some wonkyness here if this is the
I have never done a one nic install of K12ltsp since its inception ,so
i'm not sure what may be wonky on FC11?
Let us know your findings.

Take Care,

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