[K12OSN] The ltsp-client doesn't have a default gateway!

Odin Nøsen odin at gnuskole.no
Tue Jul 7 09:57:09 UTC 2009

It seems that I need to describe my problem with more details. I'm no beginner to LTSP -
I've installed every version of K12LTSP since 2002 and hacked my way to a system with a
central dhcp-server, a dedicated firewall, 6 subnets, 3 fileservers, dedicated
backupserver and 380 thin clients etc. Today I'm running all the TS's on K12Linux F11
x86_64 (with i386 TCs).

My problem is that alle the TCs are missing a default GW. "route" on a TC (with IP give this output:

 bash-4.0# route
 Kernel IP routing table
 Destination    Gateway   Genmask       Flags Metric Ref Use Iface       * U     0      0     0 eth0

I can't ping anything that's not in the - simply because the TC
doesn't know where to send the ping-packet. If I add a default GW (route add default gw, then everything works (of course).

When the TC boots the PXE-client get all the correct information from the dhcp-server
(IP, netmask, default gw...) but the TC don't set up a default gw when it sets up a
network connection. It did in F9 and F10, but not in F11.

This isn't a problem until I try to run localapps that need to talk to network outside
the The single NIC TS ( is in the same subnet as the TC
(, so everything works when I run the TC as a thin client. But, Firefox
doesn't work as a localapp in my setup, because it doesn't reach the firewall at because the TC doesn't know that network traffic to should be
sendt to (the switch that routes/gw all the subnets).

Can someone plz fix this in the TC for F11?


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