[K12OSN] What parameters for NIC hp 6730B

Patrick Fleming k12ltsp at rwcinc.net
Thu Jul 9 13:48:17 UTC 2009

André BEGOC wrote:
> HI,
> I test the hp 6730b as client k12ltsp
> the last message is that the network card is not detected and i complete 
> option-129 with parameters
> the network card is : Broadcom Corporation Netlink BCM5787M , a gigabit 
> PCI Express.
> I have tested differents parameters, below, in my dhcpd congiguration.
> (With a classix pc with card network : 3c509, detection is automatic)
>     host ws004 {
>         hardware ethernet     00:a4:81:a6:75:4e;
>         fixed-address;
>         # kernels are specified in /tftpboot/lts/boot/pxe/pxelinux.cfg/
>         filename              "/lts/pxe/pxelinux.0";
>         option option-128 e4:45:74:68:00:00;
> #        option option-129 "NIC=ne";
>         option option-129 "NIC=broadcom";
>  #       option option-129 "NIC=netlink bcm5787m";
> #        option option-129 "NIC=pci";

The module is probably the tg3 module - Barry already replied that it's
a problematic card and I wholeheartedly agree. I recently gave up trying
to get a new Dell working with this NIC. If you really want to try you
will need to modify the file in /tftpboot/lts/pxe/pxelinux.cfg that
corresponds to either the MAC or IP of this machine. The file that will
correspond to the IP above is: C0A80004.

An example of my file for a machine with this NIC:

prompt 0
label linux
 kernel vmlinuz.ltsp
 append root=/dev/ram0 rw initrd=initramfs.gz NIC=tg3

And in lts.conf:

        MODULE_01 = tg3

This uses the MAC address of the machine, but you can use the host name
or IP as well.

And if none of these steps/entries work then get the card that Barry
recommends. It will save you hours/days/weeks of frustration. :)


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