[K12OSN] New Monitors

j.w. thomas jthomas at bittware.com
Mon Jul 20 12:22:38 UTC 2009

I just got a batch of new LCD monitors for my thin clients to replace 
the old CRT's.  These monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio, but X doesn't 
seem to notice that.  It continues to display as 1024x768.  The monitor 
compensates by stretching the display.

I'm running the Centos-based EL5-64.  Is there a way to force an 
adjustment?  I suppose it's also quite possible that my TC's video can't 
deal with 16:9, but I don't recall offhand what model they are (vintage 
Dell though, I think in the GX series and at least a decade old).  I'll 
check that as soon as I can if it makes a difference.

Thanks for any help!

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