[K12OSN] RAID1 and cloning K12LTSP

Jesse McDonnell jessemcdonnell at verizon.net
Thu Jul 30 01:37:55 UTC 2009

My existing setup is K12LTSP5.0.0EL-64bit (upgraded to Centos 5.3) installed on a 160G SATA drive with separate / /home & /swap partitions, 4G ram, Athlon X2 4600+ CPU. It works perfectly and I rsync the home directories to another pc to avoid data loss. Now, I want to replace the 160G drive with two 300G SATA drives in a raid1 setup and I'm looking for advice/modifications on the upgrade route of doing a virgin raid1 install and immediately replacing it like so:

1. Physically disconnect 160G drive and connect two new drives.
2. Using K12LTSP5.0 discs (from 2007), do fresh minimal install setting up raid partitions / /home and /swap -reboot to make sure everything works.
3. Reconnect 160G drive, boot in rescue mode (maybe use knoppix disc). Copy /etc/fstab for new raid1 install somewhere safe.
4. Delete contents of /home and / partitions on each raid1 drive and copy over contents of / (except for /etc/fstab) and /home from 160G drive. 
5. Restore /etc/fstab to 300G drives.
6. Disconnect 160G drive and reboot in rescue mode, chroot to /mnt/sysinstall and run grub-install (on both drives?)

In theory this looks like it should work, but we all know the devil is in the details! Are there any major gotchas etc?


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