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[K12OSN] some missing USB icons

I know most of you on this list are using Fedora and k12.

I'm trying to use RHEL 5.3 with Gnoem 2.16 as an application server for LTSP 5.

I'm using a client build on Ubunutu (it was easier at the time)

I have most of it working, the only thing I cannot figure out is this:

local devices are mounted just fine under /media/user/ and is fully accessable. Floppy and CDROM appears on the Gnome desktop and in the Places menu, but USB does not.

This really bugs me, I can work around the problem by altering ltspfsmounter, but I'd really like to know what it is that is stopping USB sticks from appearing on the desktop when Floppy and CDROM appears just fine.

I know this is fixed in later versions because the Ubuntu based test application server (that I use to build the client) work just fine. So I cannot figure out whether this is caused by udev, gnome-vfs or something different.

any ideas?

(and could someone at redhat RHEL please update Gnome a more modern version)


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