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Re: [K12OSN] scripting guru's, quotas challenge

Barry Cisna wrote:
Hi Brain,

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately,I do not quite understand how you
incorporated this? I assume you mean bulk adding via an ldap bulk add
script? Can you give a process:
4.__ This is what it should look like with an successful add.
I am dumb I guess...:)


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No problem, I'm using an old bulk script,it version v 1.15

First I created a user & set the quota's I wanted called idealstudent

then I added some lines to the script, right at the start I added this

my $idealquota = "idealstudent";

Then at about line 223 I added the line below with the edquota bit in, I've included the whole section but it's the line my $rc2 that you're interested in.

# Add the user
my $rc = system("/usr/sbin/smbldap-useradd -a -m -g $gid -c \"$first $last\" -s $shell -d $home $uname");
 if ($rc == 0) {
 # the user was successfully added
   my $rc2 = system("/usr/sbin/edquota -p $idealquota $uname");
   print OUTPUT "$first,$last,$uname,$gid,$shell,$home,$password,$slip\n";
   if (!defined($opt_i) and defined($opt_o)) {
print STDOUT "$first,$last,$uname,$gid,$shell,$home,$password,$slip\n";

I think the newer bulk add scripts have this in already as when I first did this way back when I send it to the list & the script guru's said they were going to add it so it might be worth looked through to see if it's there.

Hope this help

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