[K12OSN] Lock down proxy settings and home page

Brian Chivers brian at portsmouth-college.ac.uk
Sun Jul 5 14:34:49 UTC 2009

Sorry might be too late on this one but thought I'd added this anyway :-)

We use CCK Wizard (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2553)

it allows you to create a plugin that sets loads of things like proxy & 
hoepage & then install it as a global plugin so it's installed for all 


Michael Paric wrote:
> The proxy, home page and other preferences are saved in the file:
> /home/<user_name>/.mozilla/firefox/<id_number>/prefs.js
> What we did at our high school was to create a master prefs.js file in 
> the /etc/skel/ directory that was only writable by root (but readable 
> by all). Then if we needed to update the preferences (change proxy 
> server, home page, etc.) we ran this simple shell script called 
> prefsupdate.sh as root:
> #/bin/bash
> cd /home
> for user in `ls -d *`
> do
> DEST=`ls /home/$user/.mozilla/firefox/*/prefs.js`
> echo $DEST
> cp --preserve=mode /etc/skel/prefs.js $DEST
> done
> Automatically updated everyone's Firefox preferences (including proxy 
> settings) but since it was not writable by user, it effectively locked 
> them out of changing it. Not automatic when adding new users but 
> simple and quick enough to run when you did.
> Hope it helps!
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>> I know that you can lock down settings in the Epiphany browser, using 
>> gconf. Users will find it very similar to Firefox. Google for "gnome 
>> lockdown".
>> -Rob
>> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 10:30:08PM -0700, murrah boswell wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> Does anybody know how to lock down proxy and home page settings in
>>> firefox through K12LTSP EL5? I need to be able to selectively lock down
>>> some workstations that will be in a "student" group so they can only
>>> access certain educational sites. Access to these sites will be
>>> controlled through a SquidGuard whitelist.
>>> I can do this fine using the login script function of Samba and Firefox
>>> running on windows based workstations, and can also lock down IE.
>>> Locking down Firefox on windows workstation requires that I rewrite
>>> (through vbs scripts pushed over at login and executed) some config 
>>> files
>>> under C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox and C:\Programs Files\Mozilla
>>> Firefox\greprefs. Anybody know how to do get the same results through
>>> K12LTSP EL5?
>>> I can force all thin client traffic through port 3128 with Squid 
>>> running
>>> as a transparent proxy and eliminate the need to configure client proxy
>>> settings in Firefox, but I would also like to have clients authenticate
>>> so I can manipulate SquidGuard based on username.
>>> Regards,
>>> Murrah Boswell
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