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Re: [K12OSN] script needed

I don't fully understand what you want to do here, but I'll take a stab at it and others can join in and hopefully we'll at least get you moving in the right direction.

# Define list of folders to ignore
ignore='.Sent .Trash .Drafts cur new tmp'

# loop through all users
for user in $(ls /home/); do
	# loop through each user's Maildir
	for file in $(ls -a /home/${user}/Maildir/); do
		# grep for each file name in $ignore list; if that fails--a
		# logical OR denoted by the double-pipe (||) then add the
		# file name to the courierimapsubscribed file
		# The slash at the end of the first line means 'continued on
		# next line';  alternatively, in a script the two lines could be
		# combined into one (without the slash then)
		(echo $ignore |grep $file >/dev/null) || \
		echo INBOX${file} >> /home/${user}/courierimapsubscribed
# End of script

I haven't test this, so I suggest you try it on a subset of users by changing

for user in $(ls /home/); do


for user in bob sally jim; do

replacing bob, sally, and jim with real user names just to make sure you get what you want, before letting it rip on all your users. HTH


John Hansen wrote:
I have converted from mbox to Maildir folders on my old server. I am moving
the folders from my old mail server to my new mail server which is using
Maildir.  The problem is my courierimapsubscribed file is unaware of the
non-default folders the users have added themselves.  I need a script that can
look at all the files in my existing Maildir folder that do
not match the default folders (ie .Sent, .Trash, .Drafts, cur, new, tmp, etc)
and then append those file names to courierimapsubscribed so that my imap
clients will recognize them.  For example, say my user created a
Maildir/.Folder1, I need the line INBOX.Folder1 appended to

Can anyone help me come up with a script to do this?


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