[K12OSN] C-Media CM8738 Sound Card Problem

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Tue Jun 2 01:33:09 UTC 2009


on the dell laptop,,as it boots do you ever see a line in the scrolling
text that says:
"accepting connections on port 16001",,,?
This would appear shortly before the end of the  boot process,,before
configuring x lines starts to appear.
try the following in a terminal on the TC;
telnet ws253 16001
try on the sever console( with the TC booted up) 
telnet ws253 16001
see if you get a connection this way,,,
if you never see the above line ,,,accepting,,,,you may see some sort of
error message when the maestro sound module is trying to be loaded at TC
boot up,
post back your findings,,,

take care,
Barry Cisna

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