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Re: [K12OSN] Urgent help needed catching up- Angry & Frustrated Users!

Am 03.06.2009 um 16:54 schrieb Anthony Luscre <mo_luscre mogadore net>:

Our district has been running three LTSP labs with 20 to 30 client each since way back in the version 3 days, six years ago.

Recently I have updated all three servers and OS for all three.
Currently we are running Fedora 10 with LTSP-5. Each server is a a quad core xenon with 7 to 13 gigs of RAM. We are still using our original client terminals - Compaq iPAQ Desktop Computers- 500MHz PIII with 64 to 128 RAM with hard drive removed.

This year we have been experiencing a number of issues with varying frequencies:
1. Failure of whole lab to be able to log on simultaneously
2. FireFox slow or constantly freezing
3. OpenOffice slow or freezing
4. Failure of client terminals to get boot from server if restarted after...
Did you disable ssh tunneling (lts.conf LDM_DIRECTX=True)?
My lab 20 clients, p2 350MHz, but RAM 192MB runs fine (with an older version of ltsp5, no local apps); per 10 (100MbpS) clients one gigabit uplink in the switch.

Disabling ssh gives speed, >=128MB RAM avoids firefox freezes on the client. - Only flash videos and games are slow in firefox (p4 clients + local apps would help; but only 256MB RAM might be a problem).

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