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Re: [K12OSN] Users randomly logged out?

Look for a network issue. This happens on clients that I have with flaking/aging network cards. If it's happening a lot I would suspect the hub or switch or the NIC on the server. Are these on the same network? You could also be experiencing conflicts with DHCP renewal if they are on the same wire.

David Hopkins wrote:
This just started a couple of days ago, but for just a very few users,
they can be working and then are logged off the system ... or the X
interface hangs and they are logged out. This is across several
different thin clients (Dell GX150, Epia-based and Compaq systems) as
well as two different servers. I am using the CentOS-based release
with LTSP4.2.  Is there a maximum number of gnome sessions or a
maximum number of X connections that might be specified in a config
file somewhere?  This is just strange.

Dave Hopkins
Newark Charter School

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