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Re: [K12OSN] Users randomly logged out?

> That is interesting you said you had some lightning 'stuff'. I would
> trace back from the switch the tc's are piped into and shut off,power
> back on each switch in the location you are having trouble with. In
> other words from room switch, hallway switch, server room switch. It's
> very possible one shut off and the next one did not, when (possibly)
> power went down,even for a second.

Yep, went through the process of cycling power on the various devices.
 All the wiring on each floor go to a single closet per floor where
the switches are located.  I still get the same behavior.

> We have some very weird stuff happen,
> strictly on M$ vi$ta clients that if the power goes out comes back
> on,over the weekend (as all of our switches are not on UPS), we have to
> sometimes simply 'switch' ports on the room switch before the client
> will do a domain login.Ip's look right ,can ping DC and blah,,blah,,,.
> Seems something is cached/arped into one switch or the other. Hope this
> makes sense.

 Lightning is just not good news ever and can make strange things
happen. I tend to think that the CatVe that was installed wasn't
installed right (low bid, etc) and is thus marginal for some of the
rooms.  I'll have to test the actual links over the summer (school has
1 more week of classes).  Until I can do this to rule out cabling I
have ran some long patch cables in the rooms and dropped in some
8-port gigabit switches in these locations.  That seems to have
corrected the issue when everything else didn't.  So ... bad wiring in
the walls? The switches aren't showing any errors in their logs though
... oh well, end of year gremlins.

Dave Hopkins

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