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Re: [K12OSN] Users randomly logged out?


Just an idea. For your troubleshooting tool belt,you could download
jperf,that I built an rpm for. A lot of people in the higher end network
community have been downloading this quite a bit and have been emailing
saying how slick it works. It does have some built in jitter graphs.
Don't know if it would pinpoint anything in real time on your network to
show the prob? The rpm installs about all the dependencies in one shot.
View the readme at the url before you install for a description.Install
on your k12ltsp server,run jperf in server mode,then simply fire up
client mode within the tc,and see if anything looks wonky. It won't be
as conclusive as the good ol Fluke network testers,but what the hey.It's
pretty simple but may show something. I sound like a salesman ,don't


Hope this helps.

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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