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Re: [K12OSN] Fresh install K12LTSP 5EL questions

hello Barry,

I believe the reason your tc's were not booting was actually the
iptables & iptables6 were starting at server bootup. These two have to
be disabled at boot until you do some firewall opening, otherwise the
tc's will NOT boot. I don't know why these firewall rules were never set
correctly in the ltsp setup scripts?
You should NOT have had to reset any service of dhcp or nfs to start at
boot.These two should start automagically at first server bootup.
Are you using the two nic setup on your server?
Did you actually do an ' service dhcpd status'  & 'service nfs status'
after the server was started to see if these services were if fact
running or not running?
Bottom line,sounds like your tc(s) are booting fine now.

Interesting development! The fresh install I did was in "text" mode (which I normally do since I never used the X environment before) and all the tweaks I described previously were necessary. But it was working so I thought I would experiment for awhile with getting GnuGK installed. Then when I ran a yum update, all the files got downloaded and installed, but half way through the cleanup process I got a "bus error" message. I have read that several things could cause this, most related to python, but I could not verify this since my system was completely unstable.

Whatever happened, made my system completely unusable. Libraries got trashed and the system was hosed. Even an attempted repair of the system failed. So I reinstalled, but this time I went the gui route, selected the same default options, and this time at first boot, both dhcp and nfs were running as logically they should have been, and my test TC booted perfectly without any tweaks even with iptables/ip6tables running.

I do not know what the difference between the initial configuration going the "gui" route versus the "text" route does, but it is significant on my system.

Now, however, I am reticent to do a full yum update for fear of the "bus error." So I will just do critical updates as I see a need.

Still can not get the maestro3 module to load for the Dell C600 and do not have any more insights into this problem, and to respond to another of your suggestions from a previous message, I connected another TC (A new IBM motherboard with onboard audio) and again, audio drivers could not be loaded.

Murrah Boswell

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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