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Re: [K12OSN] DNS/NATing issues....

I have done all the suggestions that have been given but still no luck.  nslookup works with OpenDNS servers.  I can ping internet sites with the IP addresses but can't with their domain names.  resolv.conf looks normal.  I am going to reinstall, I do a fresh install for each school year anyway, this one will just be a little sooner.  Thanks for the Help.

Alan Boushard

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Do the following in this order in an terminal (as root),

1. service iptables stop
2. service ip6tables stop
3. service network restart 
4. service nat stop
5. service nat start
6. make sure the tc's web browser is set to 'direct internet connection'

Reboot a couple TC's.

See if things are back to normal...
Another thing to consider. You are not running any kind of
Squid/DansGuardian on this server are you?
Let us know your results.

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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