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Re: [K12OSN] Custom kernel for thin clients


Just noticed in your naming your new kernel. In the pxe world you have
to convert the pxelinux.cfg/# of your newly complied kernel to hex. Not
00-01 like you have it .I am fairly certain unless things have changed
recently in pxe that that name 00-01 will not work? So, if your Optiplex
TC is set to say in your dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf file you need to
change the file name to C0A80001. With this set like this you should not
even need an entry in your lts.conf file of 'nic = tg3'.The nic=tg3
should be appended to the end of your actual C0A8001 file.

You can determine what the hex 'name' should be for your particular TC's
ip address by doing the following:
,,should return C0A8001

Knowing that tg3 is compiled into the stock k12ltsp tree kernel why
don't you make a copy of it,and simply append nic=tg3 to the end of it
and rename this one C0A80001 ( if the optiplex is .1).
Hope this makes sense.


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