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Re: [K12OSN] Custom kernel for thin clients


The NIC seems to be working with my custom kernel and I changed the name
of the file to C0A80108 (which by the way is kinda cool - I just created
the MAC file based upon what scrolled across my screen) and I get to the
same point. Some google searching leads me to believe that I can't just
copy stuff into the initrd and repack it. There is an email written by
Warren on the devel list that indicates a script to create a "proper"
initrd for thin clients. It seems that I'm almoooost there. The only
thing I'm changing is the /lib/modules/<version> directory, at least
that's all I believe that I am changing. I'm no expert but I do have a
little familiarity with compiling kernels and using mkinitrd and even
packing up and initrd directory structure using cpio and gzip - which is
why this is bugging me so much.

BTW, I did try the pxe kernel and initrd from the EL5 dvd images/pxeboot
directory and got to the blue and red install screen so I think that I'm
just stuck on initrd not mounting and not trying to mount NFS.


Barry Cisna wrote:
> Patrick,
> try doing the ip address to hex # naming of a stock( a copy of) initrd
> and append the,,
> NIC=tg3 to the end of the append line here
> then do the 'tail -f /var/log/messages'  on the server.
> see if you get any different message thrown by this tc.
> the nic = tg3 in the lts.conf file should not hurt anything..
> there are several variants of the tigon chip,which may be wonking out on
> this new Optiplex...
> let us know.
> Barry
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