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Re: [K12OSN] OT: PXELINUX & vesamenu.c32


I have used the following site:  http://pxeknife.erebor.org/
  as a basis & added/reworked menus for PXE bootup of various images.I use qemu emulation to test my images before adding them into the menu listing.

 Download the PXE menu script.

Though I am not using it in conjunction wtih K12xx, you could easily adapt it.


Burroughs, Henry wrote:

I’ve been working on a fancy PXE boot menu using vesamenu.c32.  Things seem to be working except when you press ENTER on a menu entry, the vesamenu does not go away until some type of graphics refresh happens (aka X starting).  This is fine except for my memtest86 image which is text only and then you can’t see it because vesamenu is still displaying in front (but not usable).  Basically, I can’t get vesamenu.c32 to unload graphically when you select an option to boot.


Henry Burroughs

Hilton Head Preparatory School


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