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[K12OSN] PXELINUX & vesamenu.c32 SOLVED!

After trying to piece together vesamenu.c32 and pxelinux.0 from different distros, etc, I just tried to recompile the most recent syslinux release and it worked!  My nice vesamenu comes up and then goes away when it boots a menu option.  I’m going to work on putting a background image in there as well.  This way I can default k12linux, boot windows locally if installed, boot memtest, or under and admin menu boot RIP Linux which gives me access to gparted, firefox, cdburner software (I tested this from it yesterday!), and even a dvd player.


I now know how the whole PXE deal works (the client grabs the pxelinux.0 file, which is an executable program that runs the whole pxelinux.cfg ,etc show).  Once I got all those files in sync release wise, they worked!


Once I move to k12linux, I’ll try to post some details and files on how to do this.  Looks cool.


Thanks for the help!


Henry Burroughs

Technology Director

Hilton Head Preparatory School



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