[K12OSN] Feedback from a teacher on FC10/LTSP and Tuxpaint

Cody Grosskopf cgrossko at wusd.org
Wed Mar 25 21:04:51 UTC 2009

I couldn't get Tuxpaint to a usable state until I was able to use it as a Local Application, I am not even sure I would call it usable now, but I will say it is about 75% better performance.

>>> David Hopkins <dahopkins429 at gmail.com> 03/24/09 1:56 PM >>>

With the new server (FC10+LTSP 5), I installed Tuxpaint.
Authentication (ldap) and home directories (dedicated file server) are
the same as the prior system (K12LTSP5 based on CentOS5 with LTSP
4.2).  The system is a dual hyperthreaded 2.4Ghz Xeon cpus with 4Gb
memory, Ultra360 scsi drives.

These are the teacher's observations from today: "Some initial
observations:  We found that several things are surprisingly slow.
Namely, when selecting a new piece of paper, when choosing a new color
of paint from the rainbow icon at far right of paint pallette, and
when using the ABC feature to type.  The delay at times was as long as
8-10 seconds (an eternity to a 6-yr old!)  between clicking on the
icon and getting to the next screen.  Changing paint colors was the
slowest.  Before today, the ABC typing feature was instantaneous.
Today only a handful of students tried to use it, and there was about
a 3-4 second delay between typing a letter and seeing it appear on the
screen.   Creating shapes also has a short lag time.

Other features, such as paint brush, stamps, magic, seem to work in
synch (sic) and timely with the mouse movements."

So, what would cause the slow down?  Tuxpaint is not running as a
local app.  I know that I would have liked to have been able to check
the load average during these slow downs, but I was not at the school.

Dave Hopkins

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