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Doug Simpson simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
Mon Mar 2 13:33:34 UTC 2009

That isn't much better longevity than we get here!

Last week we removed from service some PC's that were several years old when I started working here 11 years ago.
They still run and were used on a daily basis. We are replacing the lab they were in with new units, but they run fine as they were. . .Just outdated. . .


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>>> Ryan Collins <mr.rcollins at gmail.com> 3/2/2009 7:21 AM >>>
Dale Mahalko wrote:
> I am lurking this list. Just want to mention that compared even to normal
> (non-thin) PC desktops, Apple has done a great job of forcing people to buy
> very expensive all-new hardware every few years.
> Integrating the screen with the CPU is brilliant from a marketing
> perspective, because when your CPU is old and slow in just a few years but
> the LCD is still nearly brand new, you still must discard the whole thing
> including your huge LCD.

Am I the only person on this list running Macs? The great thing about 
Macs is their longevity. That's why TCO of Macs are low. I've still got 
10 1/2 year old Macs running (they're now thick-client terminals for a 
LTSP server). I have two labs of iMacs from 2000-2001 running as 

By the time we're done with a machine, it's useless. :-)

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