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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Apple Imac lab

Ryan Collins wrote:
Rob Owens wrote:
Rhetorical question: why is the English Dept. teaching their students to rely on a grammar checker?

Maybe you can justify the more expensive software by getting rid of the teachers since the software they want replaces them anyway. The teachers in my district don't know grammar themselves, I have yet to see anything beyond a single sentence that manages to properly use grammar, spelling and correct use of quotes. I recently read an email regarding the budget slashing happening in our state where the fifth grade teacher used "one fail swoop" instead of, "one fell swoop". I thought they had to be college educated to get their teaching certificate.

/rant off

That was my question. I've showed them that the research shows that grammar checking isn't reliable and that it has a negative effect on their teaching, but to no avail.

They've been spoiled since the Mac version of Office has a decent grammar checker (35% accuracy) versus the Windows version of Office (0%, although Word 97 did do better at 24%):

BTW, here are my links about the subject:


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