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Re: [K12OSN] OT: any OpenOffice vs. MS Office studies/cases out there?

massonpj delhi edu wrote:
So to Ryan's point, I think we do ourselves a disservice by promoting open
source, rather than promoting the applications (please do not infer that I
think this group or anyone on this thread is doing so). What, for example,
was the threshold for organizations to switch from Word Perfect to Word,
from Eudora to Outlook, from Mac's to PC's, and maybe now back again? Why
do folks use Firefox rather than IE, or more specifically Google rather
than Yahoo?

Wow, that was an excellent post on the topic. It seems like no one remembers when everything was Lotus/Wordperfect. Just as they fell, Microsoft will fall, and something else will take its place. Right now, with the economy and Microsoft stumbling with Vista, Open Source has the best chance of making some inroads, just as Firefox has against IE. Microsoft needs Windows 7 to hit it out of the ball park.

Now, does anyone have some sort of framework or set of procedures already in place that they can share on how technology is chosen, purchased, and implemented?

Ryan Collins - Technology Coordinator - Kenton City Schools

Blog: http://ryancollins.org/wp/
fn:Ryan Collins
email;internet:mr rcollins ryancollins org

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