[K12OSN] Installing OpenOffice 3 in Centos5

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Wed Mar 4 03:16:19 UTC 2009

The icons on the panel probably call /usr/bin/openoffice.org-2.0 or similar. 
Try this:
- Install OOo 3.
- mv /usr/bin/openoffice.org-2.0 /usr/bin/openoffice.org-2.0.orig
- ln -s <path-to-OOo-3> /usr/bin/openoffice.org-2.0

Now, when users click on the icons on the panel, it should call the new version.


Ronnie Miller wrote:
> I recently tried to install OpenOffice 3 in my Centos5 K12LTSP lab. Before
> installing, I uninstalled version 2.3 and ran the installer included in
> the OO3 zipped file. I was logged onto the server as root when I ran it.
> After installing, I was able to run OO3, but I had to find the program
> files and execute them and create menu items manually. I tried to create
> icons for the individual users (28 of them) on the default menu using
> Sabayon to see if it would push it out to the others, with no luck.
> Everytime I'd create the menu item, it would disappear when I went back
> into Sabayon.
> I was able to use the "send icon to all users" script on the root's
> desktop, but my problem with that is the students will many times delete
> the icons.
> I enjoy the "Add or Remove Software" feature as I'm not extremely fluent
> with Linux, but this doesn't work with OO3. Is there a way to install OO3
> and make it available for ALL users and have it appear as an Application
> Menu item? In the meantime, I re-installed 2.3 so that the lab is usable.
> Thanks for any help.

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