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[K12OSN] OT - Setting up Samba on k12ltsp for Ubuntu and XP clients?


I'm running an old server (the Fedora 6 version of k12ltsp). I'm trying to set up a Samba share on it that people can access equally easily from Ubuntu 8.04 or Windows XP clients. The Windows clients seem to work how I want them to, but the Ubuntu clients are acting weird. I'm going through the "Places" menu and adding the server via "Connect to Server" selecting "Windows Share" and typing in the IP/share name etc. Then it asks for the password. When I type in the password and click OK, sometimes it "takes" and sometimes it doesn't. Even when it works it pops up an error message saying that the share wasn't mounted. But when you go back to "Places" it's there. Also, I have 2 shares, one of them works as above, and seems OK once you get in. But the other shows up, and you can create files and folders, but then you can't edit them in applications or save them from within applications. Even though you just created them.

This is for a school of mixed ages. None of this is user friendly enough on Ubuntu. I thought about doing an NFS share of the same directories. But someone on this list a long time ago warned me against "mixing" shares as both NFS and Samba. He said stuff could get all bolluxed up.

Does anyone have a "HowTo" or a good link that will walk me through a good setup? I've been googling and everything is assuming that I've got an Ubuntu server serving Ubuntu and XP clients. I've tried adapting the suggestions in there with no luck.



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