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Re: [K12OSN] k12linux login issues

David Hopkins wrote:
The solution is iptables which I had turned off for testing ... adding
them back and enabling masquerading and now it works.

Could you please note this somewhere on the k12linux.org wiki?

There are still a couple of things that are not quite right though
with FF, Totem, Java, Flash as a local app though.  The most annoying
is an error message everytime I launch FF as the local app. It is
apparently related dbus_launch and orbit files?  I am not sure how to
get around that though.  It started after I added Totem as the media
player (done so that I'd have the same media player as FC10 uses by

Firefox lacks one of the needed dependencies to have it stop complaining about dbus. You need to manually install one of the dbus packages... it might be dbus-glib, but I don't recall exactly.

But this is working much better even though it isn't exactly a
turn-key operation. Thanks for the excellent work!

It sounds like most of your problems are due to the i2o problem. The developers have long been under the impression that "nobody uses i2o" thus it hasn't been a priority. I fixed i2o several years ago, but I haven't had hardware to test it for 4 years now.

It is a rare controller, but it is disappointing that the developers failed to look at this submitted patch for several months. To be fair however, the bug was not properly marked as [PATCH]. I wrote to the mkinitrd maintainer to ask that this be fixed for F11 Beta and F10 updates.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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