[K12OSN] hplip + TC + Photosmart 7760

Gustav J Kramer gjk_lists at rogers.com
Sun Mar 15 12:03:28 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-03-14 at 18:30 -0500, Barry R Cisna wrote:
> Hello List,
> Has anyone by chance been able to get an HP Photosmart 7760 printer
> setup with hplip on a TC via the usb connection?
> I can make this printer work fine with the JetDirect setup,but when
> using the ' hp-makeuri<tcipaddress> ' to add the printer to the hplip
> list I get "device not found".


When I looked into this a few years ago with an officejet I found that
the "JetDirect" emulator for Linux does not provide the full
functionality that a true JetDirect hardware device does.  AFAIK the
part that is missing is the bidirectional communication capability.  I
think it can pass basic status info but full communication with the
server is not possible.  If I recall correctly, there are two daemons
that need to run on the machine that the printer is hooked up to and it
was those daemons that provided the communication to hp toolbox.  I
think they were hpssd & hpiod.  I tried to get them to run on my thin
client but didn't really know what I was doing so didn't have much luck
in sorting out the needed dependencies.  In the end I used it for
printing only and booted in to Windows when I needed to scan.  When I
life cycled the printer I replaced with a networked version and haven't
looked back.

With the progress that has been made with local apps you may be able to
install hplip on the tc which should provide you with everything hp
toolbox offers.

I might point out, before you go through a whole lot of trouble, that
the card reader throughput on my officejet is abysmal.  I mean, it's
really really slow.  It's to the point that, although it sits right in
front of me, if I have a memory card I have to dump I will dig out my
camera bag and plug in my stand alone card reader rather than use the
one integrated into my OJ.  YMMV with the photosmart, but, you may want
to test it hooked up to a machine running hplip before you go too far
down that path.  You may find that using the jetdirect emulator with
hpijs and buying a seperate card reader (they're cheap enough) is your
best bet.

- gustav


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