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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP/K12Linux 'crusaders'

Such a database did indeed exist.  Red Hat maintained something that, IIRC, was called "Friends of Red Hat."  You'd sign up, and if anybody in your area needed help with (especially Red Hat) GNU/Linux, they could call or email you.  It doesn't seem to be around anymore, though, so I guess it wasn't all that successful.  Perhaps with the economy in the toilet, now might be a better time to try it.


Any database like that, in order to be successful, would need to keep "OPM Addiction" in mind.  That's why so many school districts (our chief target audience) go with SuprDeluX ThingaMaJig.  Yet these same people drive beat-up old 4-cylinder cars to and from schools and complain about gas prices.  So remember that when considering any such database.  Anything that, to them, smacks of "tie-dye, pony-tail, hippie" will be summarily dismissed.  It's got to look and feel "corporate".

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Rob Owens wrote:
Sounds like free software in general could use a master database for its "sales force".  If one existed, I'd sign up.  It would be
great to be able to input my location and my specialties, so that anybody in my general area could contact me for support or a demo or
a sales pitch, etc.


On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 07:45:54PM -0400, James P. Kinney III wrote:
What is needed is something that looks like a "sales force" front for
all Linux to "sell" into the schools.

What I have seen is schools will buy stuff (whether is works or not!)
because a sales person convinces them that they will get benefit XYZ
with the product and they will get detriment ABC without the product.
School purchasing officers understand this process. They understand
purchase means spend cash to get product. They don't understand "product
is free. buy support". Most schools have "support" in house. What that
support can provide varies all over the board and usually does NOT
include Linux :(

So the "sale force" has to sell "installed seats" while not violating
the spirit and letter of the GPL (which strictly forbids per seat
licensing of the code!) by only selling a package of installed code with
support - no exceptions. Add in a training program for existing school
admins to start getting them up to speed on Linux and it might work.

On Sun, 2009-03-08 at 08:30 -0500, Barry R Cisna wrote:
Hello List,

Background: Been using k12ltsp since the first version K12ltsp here.
Has anyone else on list thought the same as me in that, " I wonder if
k12ltsp/k12linux would be more accepted in schools if someone was out
promoting the merits k12ltsp/k12linux"? I know something like this would
be hard to organize with everyone doing stuff like this "out of the
goodness of their heart". Just like everything else if there is no money
involved no one is much interested.
I see firsthand how schools just for the most part are a "monkey see,
monkey do" type of atmosphere. If school A that neighbors school B buys
all macs one year,the next year school B thinks they should be having
Also as I have stated many a time. The first thing that comes out of the
mouths of the higher ups when stating that k12ltsp is free is" If it is
free it can not be very good quality",,,or " How much longer will it be
I know a few years ago Steve Hargedon was traveling around 'on his own'
giving talks in regards to the advantages of k12lltsp,and haven't seen
him on the list here for quite some time. I went to one of Steve's
presentations when He was here in out part of the country, as a matter
of fact and am guessing at that time, there were about 30 people that
showed up that evening.
Just wondered,if a good sharp 2 hour presentation by someone or a group
of a few k12ltsp/k12linux crusaders would be of any benefit? This may be
borderline of making k12ltsp/k12linux seem 'commercialized',though too?
I DO know one thing with the situation that is REALLY coming on in
regards to budgets for schools across the board I would think some of
the money hander outers would be more apt to start focusing on something
that has  potential for money saved.
The only downside I would see to all of this,is that many a "network
guy/gal" would be out of a job in time,,:-) 
Just fire up K12ltsp/k12linux server at the start of school year ,add
users, and let er go!
Just a thought. Easier said than done, I know.

Barry Cisna

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