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Re: [K12OSN] When Free Isn’t Free: The realities of running open source in school

James P. Kinney III wrote:
The problems that were the exception were the pre-packaged classroom
tools near total lack of availability for the Linux environment. Sadly,
this is an issue that will not go away until the teachers and schools
using Linux craft their own and seed the knowledge bank by publishing
their effort using an open source license like Creative Commons or
similar so that other Linux-savvy schools can add to the collection.
This problem will not be solved by the traditional textbook publisher
crowd. We will have to do it ourselves.

Check out http://en.wikibooks.org - that's a project set up to do exactly that. Wikibooks is a sister of the better-known Wikipedia, and run by the same organization (The WikiMedia Foundation) on the same servers.

If anyone out there wants to scratch that itch, you don't have to create your own infrastructure to do it.

Several of the books hosted there have been created as class assignments, though these are most often at the university level.

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