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Re: [K12OSN] k12linux and windows dhcp server


I understand that you can use a single dhcp server and that is exactly what I'm doing. Here is my original post:

I am new to k12linux. I wanted to know the correct dhcp options to put into my windows server 2003 dhcp server.

I have disabled dhcp on the k12linux box.

I can get the thin client to boot up to the fedora k12linux login screen but then it fails to connect to login.

I am sure it has something to do with the dhcp options i put in my 2003 dhcp serve

Les Mikesell wrote:
Trey Hunsucker wrote:

The NIC for the windows dhcp server, and both nics for the k12linux box plugged into the same switch.

You might as well configure it for 1-nic operation.

I understand that by default the k12linux setup is designed to have NIC 1 pull dhcp and then NIC 2 to be the ltsp server but that requires a k12linux for each lab/room where they will be at unless you VLAN each port that will be used for ltsp.

You can use a single NIC and network, but you need to pick a single DHCP server for the network and configure it to give out all the options you need. Either the windows server can be configured to do that (and other clients will ignore the other options) or the k12 server can be configured to be the only DHCP server you use.

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