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Re: [K12OSN] k12linux and windows dhcp server


In our windows environment it is best for the windows servers to hand out dhcp, we're running a domain.

Another user sent me this screenshot for his working windows server setup

My settings match his, but I still have the same problem. Can't login.

Les Mikesell wrote:
Trey Hunsucker wrote:

I understand that you can use a single dhcp server and that is exactly what I'm doing. Here is my original post:

I am new to k12linux. I wanted to know the correct dhcp options to put into my windows server 2003 dhcp server.

I have disabled dhcp on the k12linux box.

I can get the thin client to boot up to the fedora k12linux login screen but then it fails to connect to login.

I am sure it has something to do with the dhcp options i put in my 2003 dhcp serve

I don't know much about windows so I'd probably go the opposite route and let the k12 server have the whole range as long as it is a reliable box, but this might have the options you need: http://www.opensubscriber.com/message/k12osn redhat com/5199037.html

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