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Re: [K12OSN] k12linux and windows dhcp server


I disabled the firewall but still didn't fix it.

I wanted to mention also that the same client does work when I don't use the windows dhcp server on the same k12linux server.


David Hopkins wrote:

In our windows environment it is best for the windows servers to hand out
dhcp, we're running a domain.

Another user sent me this screenshot for his working windows server setup

My settings match his, but I still have the same problem. Can't login.

I had a similar issue where the thin client would boot, but then could
not login with a dual NIC setup and it was related to iptables not
forwarding ( nat'ing? ) the login request to the authentication
server.  Could this be something similar?  Or perhaps a firewall issue
on the k12 server?  Is that disabled?

Dave Hopkins

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