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Re: [K12OSN] k12linux and windows dhcp server

Hmm...if you need to show the Powers That Be (PTB), then you might consider K12LTSP 5EL for your first real deployment.  It doesn't get more reliable and rock-solid than that, and you're supported until the year 2014.  Decision makers like that.  Then, once the PTB say "OK, maybe this 'Linux thing' isn't so bad after all", *then* introduce the Fedora-based K12Linux.

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Trey Hunsucker wrote:
I agree, I am past the dhcp problems.

I would love to have the time to test linux as the dns/dhcp server in a test environment but I just don't have the time and the powers to be still aren't pro on converting more to linux. Showing them k12linux is my first chance to prove that linux is powerful enough to resolve their issues.


Les Mikesell wrote:
Trey Hunsucker wrote:

You are correct, is it very possible to run linux as the dhcp server for a windows domain but I've had much better success with a backup domain controller handing out dhcp. Just my personal preference.

I've been running the same linux box for DHCP and DNS for about 7 years with about 5 minutes of downtime once when I had to move it (a k12ltsp version from the RH7.x days).  It always worked for windows domain clients and the only change to accommodate AD was to slave the DNS zone the AD server used.  I don't really see how anything could be more reliable or less trouble than that.

But, if you are booting to the point where the X server starts, I think you are past the DHCP-supplied options anyway.

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