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Re: [K12OSN] Introducing ourselves

Gianugo Altieri wrote:
I have a couple of wishes in my list, for K12. First of all, I would like to be able to connect printers to thin clients. In fact, for safety reasons, server resides in a closed room, and it would be impractical to connect a printer to it. A convenient location for printers would be beside clients, but it seems clients cannot "see" USB printers, or at least our HP laser. Strangely enough, clients recognize USB pen-drives, but not USB external DVD readers, so I can't figure out why some USB peripherals are working ad some aren't.

Hello and welcome, Gianugo,

An easier idea might be to get some network printers, i. e. printers with network cards in them. Then, you can place the printers wherever you want, including beside a client if you wish, but they would still be "connected" to the K12 server through Ethernet. This is how we have our printers set up at work, and I do the same at home. It's great.


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