[K12OSN] Scary article from Russia (w/o love)

Doug Simpson simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
Tue May 19 16:56:26 UTC 2009

A few years ago, I had a friend that had a computer and I was over there regularly cleaning off viruses and etc. I asked her if she wanted me to "fix" so that wouldn't happen anymore.

Long story short, I set it up, dropped it in place, gave her about a 30 minute crash course and only had to go back one time about two weeks later to fix one minor thing I forgot. She ran it for two years after that, untouched by me, and actually published several book during that time.

And she wasn't just geek-squad computer literate, either. . .

So, desktop or not? I'd say "definitely".


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>>> "Accessys at smart.net" <accessys at smart.net> 5/19/2009 11:31 AM >>>

I have put Ubuntu on my cousins computer and she has trouble finding
the on/off switch and has had no trouble reading her e-mail and
writing correspondence.

my wife's laptop also has Ubuntu on it and while she works on Windows
at work she switches back and forth with no problem and  she is of the
"Turn it on it better work" school.

this guy has a few points but they are of the IT type not the end

I do have to acknowledge there are still two areas where Linux is weak

. specialized software for different industries, CAD etc.

. games


On Tue, 19 May 2009, David Van Assche wrote:

> Clearly the writer has no concept of modern operating systems (including
> Windows 7 and OSX) and is basing conclusions on why Linux is hard to use on
> information that is probably 10 years old. Its a shame this kind of crap is
> written as if its actually been studied and has some merit. I've read
> briefly through it and found very little fact in the information delivered,
> if you can even call it that. It sounds more like a list of personal
> opinions. I mean, no unified package management? I suppose package kit is
> unheard of to these people.... And since when do OTHER oses like windows or
> osx have a unified package management system? Are they claiming what runs on
> windows 2000 will run on Vista or windows 7? Because that would be like
> claiming elephants are all pink...
> anyway... I won't let it troll me any further...
> kind regards,
> David Van Assche
> On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Alan Hodson <aahodson at episd.org> wrote:
> > Check out Tashkinov's article:
> > http://linuxfonts.narod.ru/why.linux.is.not.ready.for.the.desktop.html 
> > Serious food for thought!
> >
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