[K12OSN] Scary article from Russia (w/o love)

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Wed May 20 20:23:07 UTC 2009

Anytime Les Mikesell has an opinion, I read it.  Period.  End of
discussion.  I know of no other human that has reliably served the
K12LTSP community any more than Les.  I think that when half of us ask
questions to this list, we are secretly hoping that Les is reading.

So, on the subject of why gnu/linux is not the best thing in the
world, it's no surprise that the discussion progressed to
collaboration with software code.  I have found this to be brilliant,
enlightening, generally civil, and educational.  If you are not a
developer, then you can skip this thread.  If you are curious about
the dynamics behind software evolution, then this is compelling

I have never considered the GPL as restricting freedom.  This is a new
and educational perspective.  I understand that in the pursuit of
perfect code, some projects cannot borrow from others due to the
licensing restrictions.

I'm a user, though, and not a developer.  I love and am romanticized
by the principles of the GPL and Stallman because I want my software
"free."  However, I want it to be great, too,  If I need to
intellectually grasp the dynamics behind software collaboration in
order to help make it better, then I am grateful for this discussion.

It's all about finding the opportunity for collaboration, or,
gracefully accepting and respecting that the *evolving* licensing
ecosystem is not always conducive to collaboration.


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