[K12OSN] K12 and NetBeans

Gianugo Altieri gianugo.altieri at tiscali.it
Sat May 23 12:23:08 UTC 2009

    Dear All,

    we run K12-Fedora10 in a production environment. Yet, I suppose that 
some of you have probably used (or are going to use) the NetBeans IDE in 
educational sites. Thus, I wonder if you can help us understand this issue.
    NetBeans IDE is terribly slow. Menus appear seconds after the mouse 
asked for them. Window background  refresh happens at such a slow pace 
that you can relax and watch the progress. Strangely enough, Eclipse IDE 
runs at normal speed. We noticed also that if the *same* client, instead 
of starting in PXE mode, boots from a local HD and then uses VNC to 
connect to the server, NetBeans IDE runs at almost normal speed. What 
kind of viewer does K12 use and why VNC viewer appears much faster in 
this case?
    An explanation can be that K12 downloads a default O.S. onto the 
client, while a local VNC viewer, although running on top of a similar 
Fedora 10, makes optimized use of the client's graphic card with 
specialized drivers. Nonetheless, I wonder if a drop-down menu or a 
window refresh is such a graphic intensive application...

    Gianugo Altieri

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