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murrah boswell otrcomm at isp-systems.net
Mon May 25 21:58:31 UTC 2009

> Some Intels will work OK, but (on CentOS 5) the 3945 requires using the 
> RPMForge repositories.  Fedora, with its newer kernel (2.6.24 and later 
> have the Intel 3945 driver in-tree), is said to work out of the box with 
> it.  I know from experience that Slackware 12.2 (kernel 2.6.27) works 
> great with Intel 3945 wireless.

I am currently building the K12LTSP 5 EL distribution, I guess it is based on CentOS 5. If I have to, how do I access the RPMForge 
repositories to get access to 3945 drivers?

> Broadcom, nope, so stay far, far away from those.  Broadcom, Inc. seem 
> not to like Linux AT ALL.  If your laptop's already cursed with Broadcom 
> wireless, then replace that wireless NIC if you can with something 
> better (it's not hard at all), and watch for this with future 
> purchases.  *CAN* you make them work?  Yes, and I have, but it's a hassle.

Interesting, since Linksys uses Broadcom chips. My Linksys WRT54GLs Verson 2.2 use the Broadcom BCM5325EKQM chip and both OpenWRT 
and DD-WRT run fine. However, I have never connected through as a thin client, so I will find out.

> Note also that virtually all 802.11b cards work (e. g. Orinoco).  Yeah, 
> I know, way back machine, but they work.  Saved my butt one day when the 
> Broadcom piece of junk wouldn't work.  I popped my "old" Orinoco in, and 
> boom, I had wireless.

I use Linksys WPC54Gs (802.11b and g) on old Dell laptops, so they should work okay with K12LTSP 5 EL. I will test and report back 

Murrah Boswell

> The only way to find out is to actually try it.
> --TP
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