[K12OSN] about EEPROM or EPROM for ne2000 ISA (help)

Alberto Castillo proyecto.edulin at gmail.com
Tue May 26 23:18:32 UTC 2009

Hi everybody:
I need some help.
I need to build ROMs for a lot of NE2000 ISA that we here have.
I see about a software called 'ctflasher' that flash eeproms with a
simply rtl8139.
My question is:
Someone have experienced in use eeprom in ne2000 ISA? is that possible?
or only olds EPROMs can be inserted into the sockets of theese ne2000 ISA?
I see that the olds 27C**** is compatible with the new eeprom 29C***. or not???
But anybody can do it some of this? plug into a ISA ne2000 a eeprom?
cheers from Argentina
Alberto Castillo

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