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Re: [K12OSN] Scary article from Russia (w/o love)

It's a shame that whatever good work is being done by some developers in openSUSE is overshadowed by Novell's act of treachery with Microsoft. Yep, that's what it is, so that's how I call it. You are correct that the sellout doesn't affect "how good the open source software is or the community is." Indeed, I've been running Red Hat Linux, Slackware, and Ubuntu for several years now, and I ditched IE for Mozilla 0.9 years ago. MS Office hasn't touched any of my own computers since 2003 (OpenOffice.org, baby!). I agree with you in that Open Source software, and the community around it, is wonderful.

But, worst-case scenario, I would rather stick with K12LTSP 5EL (based on CentOS 5) until 2014 than use SUSE-anything. It's just too risky. We might as well just go with MS Windows and be done with it.

Now, when Novell cuts off that deal and treats Microsoft like the enemy of freedom that it is (much like Red Hat treats Microsoft today), then I can revisit that position. But until then, SUSE-anything must be treated like the legal toxic waste that it has unfortunately become.

Come on, Novell, rescind that deal!


David Van Assche wrote:
openSUSE will not be absorbed by MS in 2 years unless MS is going to be gpling all its stuff, which would be great for everyone, but will likely never happen. The novell deal is pretty irrelevant to the work being done on opensuse-edu. It is by far the best and most up to date edu distro currently available and has changed really seriosuly over the last 2 years. Take a look here: http://en.opensuse.org/Education This idea that its sellout somehow affects how good the open source software is or the community is, is quite silly... check the product for yourself... Ubuntu will take a LONG time before it has recovered from its steadly dwindling comunity in the education sector.... I know cause I'm part of that team too, but focus most of my time on opensuse-edu now, since that is where all the movement is happening.

kind Regards,
David (nubae) Van Assche

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 9:10 PM, Moon <moon smbis com <mailto:moon smbis com>> wrote:

    I don't know if I would be that much better off using SUSE
    (Novell) based or supported products, since Microsoft will
    probably absorb them within a year or two.

    I've tried SUSE in the past, prior to their selling out back in
    late 2007, but just didn't like the product overall compared to
    Red Hat (including Fedora) and Debian (which includes Ubuntu)
    based products.  They just didn't seem to have a really polished
    product back then.

    To be honest I haven't been too interested in SUSE since they sold
    out to the dark side. I think I'll wait for Ubuntu to get their
    solutions finalized first.

    I do think that the ebox people have a good start challenging M$
    in the SBS market.

    On Tue, 2009-05-19 at 19:18 -0400, David Van Assche wrote:
    opensuse's LDAP works out of the box and is gui based, for both
    server and client. Its really very easy to set up... have a
    search and see...

    On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 7:06 PM, Les Mikesell
<lesmikesell gmail com <mailto:lesmikesell gmail com>> wrote:
        Moon wrote:

            Linux client authentication, LDAP implementation,
            squidguard, any application not in their contibs or
            howtos due to how they are implemented through the templates.

        Did it claim to do any of those things?  I don't think that
        constitutes "not working out of the box" - although I agree
        that it would be nice if all linux distributions included a
        working server setup to match their ldap client
        authentication schemes.  Clarkconnect is supposed to be
adding this in the release that is currently in beta, though.

-- Les Mikesell
          lesmikesell gmail com <mailto:lesmikesell gmail com>

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