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Re: [K12OSN] New to K12Linux, Question

Yeah, that's because neither OpenWRT noror DD-WRT are based in the United States. OpenWRT is in Hungary (like MPlayer), and DD-WRT is in Germany. If they were in the USA, Broadcom would be suing the hell out of the developers. Both contain Broadcom's BCM43XX firmwares, for which Broadcom (unlike Ralink and Realtek) don't allow free redistribution. Essentially, OpenWRT and DD-WRT are flagrantly breaking US copyright law, but since they're overseas, Broadcom can't touch 'em.

Works for me!

Waitasec... you're not wanting to do LTSP thin clients *across wireless*, are you? If that's what you're contemplating, then don't do it. The "why" has been hashed over and over on this list before. On the other hand, if you're going to use K12LTSP 5EL as your actual workstation OS (e. g. installed to your laptop's hard disk), then yes, that'll be great. I run K12LTSP 5EL in exactly that way on a Dell C640 (it has an Orinoco wireless), and it works beautifully.

I WAS thinking about doing thin clients across wireless, but I see from what you say and what I have read tonight, that it is not such a smart move.

Another question.

I got K12LTSP 5EL running on a server now, but have a problem with a Dell C600. It boots pxe fine, but it never makes it into X-windows. It just sits at the grey screen with an X for the cursor. The cursor does move with the mouse. Did I miss some settings in the server setup?

Murrah Boswell


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