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[K12OSN] Lock down proxy settings and home page

Hello all,

Does anybody know how to lock down proxy and home page settings in firefox through K12LTSP EL5? I need to be able to selectively lock down some workstations that will be in a "student" group so they can only access certain educational sites. Access to these sites will be controlled through a SquidGuard whitelist.

I can do this fine using the login script function of Samba and Firefox running on windows based workstations, and can also lock down IE.

Locking down Firefox on windows workstation requires that I rewrite (through vbs scripts pushed over at login and executed) some config files under C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox and C:\Programs Files\Mozilla Firefox\greprefs. Anybody know how to do get the same results through K12LTSP EL5?

I can force all thin client traffic through port 3128 with Squid running as a transparent proxy and eliminate the need to configure client proxy settings in Firefox, but I would also like to have clients authenticate so I can manipulate SquidGuard based on username.

Murrah Boswell

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