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Re: [K12OSN] about EEPROM or EPROM for ne2000 ISA (help)

Alberto Castillo wrote:
2009/5/27 Scott <ssh tranquility net>:
Remember that 10 mbit may be a bit sluggish on re-drawing a client screen.
It will work, but 100 mbit is much better.

its true, but we have all for a 10mbit network, in fact, the clients
are all IBM, AT&T and EPSON ISA motherboards with a PCI onboard video
card cirrus logic, and we have near of 1.500 machines of this type.

In that case, use what you have, and keep marching forward! I did something similar with an old Power Mac 5260, which also had 10Mbit, half duplex. It felt a bit sluggish, yes, but it did work. The thing that matters the most is that your network uses switches, not hubs, and that your server has at least a 100Mbit connection. If you can get a 1Gbit connection for the server, then that's even better, but for your 10Mbit clients, 100Mbit will do fine.


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