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Re: [K12OSN] pxe boot menu feature request

I am wondering how many would like to see K12Linux have the ability to
pxe boot to a  boot menu that gives users a choice of booting from
network (LTSP) or boot from local hard drive (Linux or Windows)?

DRBL does this and I think it's a great feature. It allows users to
choose the boot device (network or local HD) without changing bios
settings. It would allow easier integration of K12Linux into existing
Windows labs by allowing dual boot but still have pxe netboot as first
boot device in client bios. It can even be graphical with vesamenu.c32

Some systems currently have this feature. That is, on my Dell C600, I press F12 at boot and it gives me options of how I want to boot, with mini-nic (pxe) being one. Also, on an intel motherboard system I have, I select F8 at boot and it lets me select how I want to boot, again with the network being one option.

I guess I do not understand how you could get a K12Linux server to present this option to a client while the client is booting. Also, if the client does not have a harddrive, would the option still become available?

Murrah Boswell


Comments, in favor, or against.

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