[K12OSN] Thin c850 Neoware low, problem sound and yum

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Nov 1 01:32:28 UTC 2009


 Most of the Neoware TC's have a funky sound chip in that ( I think)
they are actually ISA based. I had one of the Neoware's to test with
many moons ago,and they did work decent. Get into the Neoware bios at
bootup. I think there are two options as to how the onboard sound
functions. try one,then try the other. I am not sure, if you are very
new to K12LTSP ,if so read up on how to assign each TC a particular ip
address via dhcp. This is quite a bit of a learning curve until you have
dealt with it for some time. Once you get the TC set to the ip address
you will need to add the following entry for that TC(to activate the
sound card) in the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf file

in dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf add the client as ws010
Add an entry in the lts.conf file like;

      SMODULE_01 = "sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1"

After you get this all added restart dhcp,and reboot your C50.
As the TC boots,shortly before you get to the configuring X,you should
see a line "Accepting connections on port 16001".
If you do NOT see this line the sound card module did not load
This is a starting point for you. Good Luck!

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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