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Re: [K12OSN] SYM1112 and (Ed)Ubuntu 9.10

Thanks Gadi! DisklessWorkstations.com appreciates your support and contributions to the LTSP community!

This e-mail is a great reminder for us to talk to the community about Thin Client Support as well. Many of you may be using the LTSP Term 150(e) or LTSP Term 170(e). Unfortunately, these Thin Client models have reached end of life. Many of these units in the field are still working well, but repair parts have been exhausted. The 150 and 170 models are now replaced by the LTSP Term 1220 - http://www.DisklessWorkstations.com/cgi-bin/prod/200104.html .

DisklessWorkstations.com also has 15 refurbished Thin Clients that are working and tested. We are looking to donate these to a school who will put them to good use. If you are interested please e-mail: alexc (at) DisklessWorkstations.com


Alex Colcernian

Gideon Romm wrote:
Hi, LTSP'ers!

I know that some of you in here have some of our (read: Symbio's)
SYM1112 little 4W Geode-based thin client.  I first wanted to let those
of you who have them know that at least on my test Karmic Koala Ubuntu
9.10 server, they booted up without any modifications or tweaks.  Most
of the credit for this really goes to Martin-Eric Racine and the rest of
the geode driver developers and package maintainers, as well as, of
course the Ubuntu devs and the move away from usplash as the bootsplash
mechanism.  So, a big thank you and a shout out to them!

For those of you who are wondering about Symbio, we aren't really in the
business of selling thin clients by themselves, and we very much
encourage you to buy from vendors such as DisklessWorkstations.com and
those who really help support LTSP in all of our endeavors in open
source land.  At Symbio, we have our own thin clients really as
accessories to our other solutions.

That said, we have moved away from Geode-based thin clients and have
stopped selling the SYM1112.  We recently got back 70 or so SYM1112
units on a trade-up deal with one of our customers, and we cannot sell
them as new.

If anyone would be interested in them, they are great little units and
some of the smallest physical and lowest power-consuming ones you'll
find on the market.  We can sell them at $99 each (excl taxes/shipping)
and throw in a free unused VESA mount to mount them to the back of a
monitor.  Plus, in the spirit of the open source world, we will take 10%
of the order and donate it to the school or open source project of your
choosing, provided there are appropriate and legal means to make the
If anyone on either of these lists is interested, please send me an
email offline at gadi ltsp org .
Note that Symbio does not support thin clients when used with any system
other than Symbio's solution, but that's why you guys have me!  :)



PS: Obviously, this is a "while supplies last" kind of deal - we hope to
find a new home for these thin clients really quickly. :)

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